25 Games Like Jagged Alliance Back in Action


In our list of games like Jagged Alliance Back in Action you’ll find the best tactical, turn-based role playing games. We ask our readers to help improve our lists by voting for your favorite games and sharing them on Facebook and Twitter. This helps fellow Jagged Alliance fans to find their next game. Thanks.¬†

About Jagged Alliance 

Jagged Alliance is a tactical turn based role playing game from video game developer Sir-Tech Software. The first game in the series was on DOS but later games used DirextX to run on PC.

Jagged Alliance games focus largely on strategy. You must control a squad of mercenaries on and off field, completing missions that are assigned to you, freeing countries from evil dictators. The games have been described as being similar to X-Come but with more personality. What separates Jagged Alliance games from the competition is their mix of turn based battle simulations and 4X, plus elements from RPG games.

One of the trademarks of Jagged Alliance is the sharp humour, with many character saying hilarious things. This adds a sense of personality to the characters which is missing in many games. Adding to the sense of personality is the fact that each mercenary has their own traits. By forming a multi-faceted, multi-skilled team you will improve your chances of winning.

For more great games like Jagged Alliance Back in Action see our list below.

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