Games Like Katawa Shoujo

In this list of games like Katawa Shoujo we’ve included many of the world’s best choice-bases games and visual novels. We’ve also looked at games with similar themes to Katawa Shoujo, including some great games based around high schools. If you love text based games then I’m sure you will love the games in our list.


Is you’re a fan of Katawa Shoujo I think you’ll love THIS game too.


Games like Katawa Shoujo

Muv Luv: One of the best visual novels that is in the English language, Muv Luv is a mecha action novel but also involves romance like Katawa Shoujo does.

Ever17: This is a universal-age title and a great visual novel

Clannad: One of the best romantic visual novels.

Yume Miru Kusuri – This may well best the closest game to Katawa Shoujo that has been translated in to English

True Rememberence: Freeware game with lots of fans. 

 G-Senjou/Sharin no Kuni – These are both made by the independent game developer Akabesoft and are mixes of the action, mystery and romance genres.

 Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai – One of the most fun visual romantic-themed

 KiraKira –  This is one of the funnier romantic visual novel games in which a boy and three girls create a band.

Cross Channel – One of the most well known and respected mystery / romance titles.


As an alternative to these games, I think you might also like THIS ONE. 

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