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About Games like Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program is a free to play game in which you can build and test rockets, space planes, exploration vehicles and other space related vehicles. There are no specific missions or challenge in Kerbal Space Program, instead you can determine your own goals, such as reaching space, completing orbit, landing and so on.

There are two main modes in Kerbal Space Program: Sandbox mode and Career mode.

In career mode you begin with only a few parts and must unlock additional parts by using science to move along a technology tree. In order to generate science you will need to perform experiments or by collecting surface samples. You must then beam science back or recover it from vessels that have landed back on Kerbin. As you collect Science you’ll be able to unlock new parts, which with which you can purchase upgrades of new equipment, allowing you to progress in your research and explorations.

Or, if you don’t fancy doing that, you can enter sandbox mode, in which all parts are immediately available.

The gameplay in Kerbal Space Program has two main parts. In the first part you construct your rockets from whatever parts you have unlocked. You’ll use fuel tanks, parachutes, guidance systems and more to create your rocket. When you have complete your rocket you can save the design and move onto the second phase of the game in which you take flight.

In the second part of the game you will start on the launchpad and take control of the rocket, guiding it wherever you want to go, entering and exploring space.

Kerbal space Program is a realistic science / space simulation and exploration game with an emphasis on realism. For more great games  like Kerbal Space Program, see our list below.

Games like Kerbal space Program

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