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In this list of games like Kingdom Rush we’ve included many of the best  real time strategy defense games, many of which take place in a fantasy world similar Kingdom Rush. Thankfully, if you like games like Kingdom Rush then you’re in luck. Real Time Strategy is one of the most popular genres of games currently in indie game development, meaning there are a ton. On this page we’ve made sure to only include the very best games.



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Age of War : one of the best RTS games in the world and very similar to Kingdom Rush, in this game you defend your own base while attacking your enemy. You’ll be responsible for your troops and for developing your army to ensure total victory.

Keeper of the Grove: Another game similar to Kingdom Rush. In Keeper of the Grove (which actually comes from the same developer as Kingdom Rush) you need to stop monsters from taking your magic grove.

Frontline Defence: This is one of the more strategic games on this list and also comes from the Kingdom Rush develioepr. It’s highly addictive and has loads of gameplay. As usual you’re defending your base and you have tons of modern weapions with which to do so .

Top Defence: This free online shooter is full of tons of weapons and gizmos to use. You’ll be using mines and other powerful weaponary to take out your opponents. 

Age of Defense: This great game has over 30 characters and 30 weapons, including a ton  of spells. You’ll journey through 9 ages defending against a ton of different villains.


Games Like Kingdom Rush 6 – 10

Bug Attack: This amazing game is like a defence game but based around the dinner table( gotta love the developer’s creativity for that idea!)

Symphonic Tower Defense: This tower defense game has you building towers then defending them. .  .but there’s a twist, the game revolves entirely around music!  #

Triple Tower Defense: in this game you’ll need to place towers in a strategic fashion in order to defend yourself from a swarm of opponents.

Hometown Defense: This game is the same as all the above but this time around you’re defending yourself against aliens.

Cosmo Defense: This is one of the simplest games on this list but still tons of fun. I nit you’re defending earth from asteroids.


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