25 Games Like KOTOR — Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

In our list of games like KOTOR (Star Wars Knight of the Old Republic) you’ll find many off the best RPGs, many of which are set in space. You’ll find games for all systems, including PS3, XBox 360, PC, Mac and more If you fancy giving our other readers a hand, please vote for your favorite games and share them on Facebook and Twitter so other KOTOR fans can find their next game. Thanks.

About KOTOR (Star Wars Knight of the Old Republic)

KOTOR is a Star Wars role playing game made by video games developer BioWare and released for PC in 2003, then subsequently for Mac in 2004 and iPad in 2013. It is the prequel to Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic– The Sith Lords.

KOTOR is based on Dungeons and Dragons. In the game you choose from three characters and then later choose from different kinds of Jedi. There are also stats assigned to the different characters and tiered force power which allow for magic which can be upgraded like in the majority of fantasy RPG games.

Combat in KOTOR is based on rounds in which both characters attack simultaneously. The rounds are of fixed duration and you can pause to configure the combat system. The combat is based on Dungeons and Dragons rules.

For the bulk of KOTOR you’ll have two companions in your party. Your companions can help with combat but they are always controlled by the computer. They can also engage you in dialogue. When talking to other characters outside of combat you’ll use a dialogue menu system which allows to choose from different responses. Your actions and the thing you say affect your force alignment so that you can be Jedi or Sith. There are also many mini-games and quests.

For more great games like KOTOR see our list below.

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Games like KOTOR

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