Games Like Lego Universe

In this list of games like Lego Universe we’ll be looking at titles with a similar video game design to Lego Universe, i.e MMORPGs. Remember to bookmark this page so you can come back and find more games like Lego Universe! In these games you’ll be designing your character, joining teams and protecting resources. most of the games were made by video games developers who specifically specialise in MMORPGS, so they’re some of the best in the genre.

If you’re a fan of Lego Universe you’ll LOVE THESE GAMES TOO! 


Club Penguin: A cute MMORPG for kids in which you’ll be playing through a ton of mini-games.

Roblox: A game that is half like Minecraft and half like Lego Universe, you build various things using blocks then defend your base from enemies.

4th Saga: Another MMORPG which takes at a time before humans, when elves ruled the world.

9Dragons: This game is set in China and lets you create a kung-fu master.

DC Universe Online: It’s the best of MMORPGs plus the best DC superheroes. Surely that’s got to be a good thing.

Rift:  This MMORPG has one of the best storylines and has you going on all kinds of quests and adventures.

Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventure: If you remember the Star Wars Clone Wars cartoon series, this is the MMORPG made after the show.

Drakesang Online: In this one you have to save a land from an evil villain by fighting tons of enemies. This has some of the best graphics of all games on this list.

Forsaken World: Beautiful visuals and a great story make this one of the most enjoyable MMORPGs out there.

Spiral Knights: Probably the most popular game on this list. You can play, single or co-op and must defeat monsters and solve puzzles.


If you’re a fan of Lego Universe you’ll LOVE THESE GAMES TOO! 

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