20+ Games Like Limbo

In our list of games like Limbo you’ll find many of the best puzzle platform games across many different systems. Remember that you can influence our lists by voting for your favorite games and sharing them on Facebook and Twitter. 

About Limbo 

Limbo is an indie puzzle platform game made by independent video game developer Playdead and released in 2010 for XBox Live Arcade. The game has subsequently been ported to PS3 and PC.

Limbo is an artistic 2D sidescrolling puzzle platform game that uses an integrated physics engine to allow for realistic movement of objects and of the player character. In the game you must guide an unnamed character over levels full of dangers and traps, eventually finding your sister. The game is difficult and players will die many times as they try to solve each puzzle.

An artistically styled game, Limbo is black and white and has an atmospheric use of lighting, which mixes with ambient sounds to create a mysterious and eerie atmosphere that most gamers will associate with horror games. Limbo received overwhelmingly positive reviews and won several awards, but it’s minimal story didn’t go over well with some critics. The game was also criticised for being relatively expensive and relatively short.

As in most platform games you’ll be running left or right and jumping in order to move across ledges, as well as pulling objects and moving up and down ladders. The game makes intelligent use of physics to create complex puzzles that will have gamers scratching their heads.

In our list of games like Limbo we have included the best puzzle platform games as well as games that use physics engines for their puzzles. Remember that you can influence our lists by sharing your favorite games and by casting your votes.




Games like Limbo

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