Games Like Machinarium

In our selection of games like Machinarium you’ll find many of the best point and click adventure games. Remember that you can influence our lists by voting for your favorite games an by sharing them on Facebook and Twitter.

Machinarium very quickly became one of the most popular point and click games of the past decade when it was released in 2009. It uses the old point and click style of gameplay that was highly popular back in the 90s. This creates a familiar feeling for older gamers, but Machinaruim also create a fresh experience by including more modern aspects of video game design.

One of the most original aspects of Machinarium’s game design is its lack of dialogue. Instead of being clued into the story through dialogue you’ll have to investigate the game world to learn what you can about the mysteries of Machinaium. But thankfully you can also use the hint system to help you to work out exactly what is going on. The hint system is a mimi-game style add-on that helps you to get yourself pointed in the right direction as you progress through the game.

In our list of games like Machinarium you’ll find games for PC, iOS, Android and other systems. We invite you to vote for your favorite games and to share them on Facebook and Twitter. This will help to influence our lists. Thanks.

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Games like Machinarium

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