Games Like Mass Effect

In our selection of games like Mass Effect you’ll find many of the best space-based RPG games with party mechanics and elements of shooter gameplay.

Mass Effect became one of the most popular series of games over recent years with its unique blend of sci fi, RPG gameplay and shooter aspects. It took these three highly popular themes and merged them together into one unforgettable gaming experience. You play as Commander Shepard as he travels across the galaxy in an attempt to save everyone from the evil Reapers. On your journey you will make important decisions that will influence the eventual outcome of the game.

Mass Effect’s gameplay is not dissimilar to classic third person action games, though with added role playing game elements. The combat is similar to a tactical shooter in which you lead fights with a few squad members that you have gathered onto your crew. Perhaps the most interesting part of Mass Effect’s gameplay is the way in which it uses dialogue choices to affect the flow of the game. This makes you feel like a much more integral part of the overall experience.

In our list of games like Mass Effect we have included games that feature the similar gameply style as mass effect. You’ll find many third person perspective action RPG games that include decision making to influence the story. Remember that you can influence our lists by voting for your favorite games and by sharing them on Facebook and Twitter.

Games like Mass Effect

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