Games Like Meez / Games Similar to Meez

In this list of games like Meez we’ll be sharing some of the best title that share the basic video game design set-ups as Meez. You’ll find social games with avatars in online worlds. Most of these title were made by video game developers who specialise in the genre so you know they’re all good. *** Bookmark this page so you can come back and find even more great games like Meez!! ***

If you’re a fan of Meez I think you’ll love THESE games too. 

Games Like Meez 

Habbo: One of the msot popular online social games where you make friends and express yourself. In Habbo you create your avatar, adventure around a giant hotel, decorate your room and play a ton of mini games.

Second Life : The most “serious” of games on this list. In Second Life you create your avatar and then practically live out an entire alternate life, right down to such details as having a job, which some people actually make real money for (though not much(.

Popmondo: Popmondo has its own unique style and is a bright and beautiful game packed full of great cartoony characters. This game like Meez has you trying to become famous, either as a politician, a rockstar or some other “big label” job.

Gaia Online: This game has a massive following of hardcore fans. It’s a cutesy game like Meez in which you create your character, deck them out with weapons and accessories and then play a ton of mini-games.

WeeWorld: According to this games publisher, famous people like Taylor Swift and Justin Timberlake play this game. Now, that’s probably just a load of tosh designed to get you to play the game, but heck, believe it if you like. Either way, WeeWorld is another great game similar to Meez.

6: Zwinky: In the virtual universe of Zwinky you create your character, explore the game’s world freely and get access to tons of cool clothes. You’ll also be spending time hanging around with friends and chatting.

IMVU: One of the most popular online games, though calling it a game is a little genersous, it’s really more a chat client with avatars. You get to decorate your place and customise your character, then visit friends and chat with them.


If you’re a fan of Meez I think you’ll love THESE games too. 

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