Games Like MegaMan for PC, iPhone, Android and More

In our collection of games like Megaman you’ll find the best action platform / shooting games on PC, Mac, Android and other systems. We encourage you to vote for your favorite games and share them on Facebook and Twitter to help other MegaMan fans find their next game. 

About MegaMan

MegaMan is an action platform game made by video games developer Capcom originally for the NES. The Megaman franchise has become a huge success, with mangas, animes, and tons of merchandies–not to mention numerous games–having been released over the years.

Megaan is about the titular character’s battle against the maniacal scientist Dr. Wiley and his Robot Masters. In Megaman you progress through linear levels, generally concluding with a boss fight. The original Megaman game featured six levels with six bosses. Defeating one of the bosses granted Megaman a new weapons for the next level.

The first Megaman game received glowing reviews for its original gameplay and (for the time) good graphics. Subsequent Megaman games, however, have been hit and miss, especially the terrible Megaman 64.

In our list of games like Megaman we’ve included platform games with action elements. You’ll find games on all different systems including PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android and more. Feel free to vote games up or down in order to influence our list.

Games like MegaMan

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