Games Like Metal Gear Solid

In our list of games like Metal Gear Solid you’ll find many of best tactical stealth based shooter and action adventure games.

Metal Gear Solid is one of the most popular game franchises of all time and is made by video game developer Kojima Studios under the guidance of legendary video game designer Hideo Kojima. An action adventure / shooter game with a heavy emphasis on stealth, Metal Gear has been popular ever since the first game on MSX, but saw a massive rise in popularity with the Metal Gear Solid series on Playstation consoles.

Metal Gear Solid is about soldier Solid Snake who fights against FOXHOUND, a terrorist threat. The gameplay in the series has followed the same principles, even when it turned from 2D to 3D. The player must move stealthily through areas full of terrorists and enemies, trying not to be detected. When detected an alarm sounds and many enemies enter the playing field, eventually killing Solid Snake. Thankfully, Sold Snake has a lot of different moves and tools that he can use to take down enemies and to remain undetected. Strategic use of camouflage and various items and tools allow Solid Snake to stay out of sight, and when in sight he has many different weapons he can use to either kill or knock out enemies. The player can also make strategic use of environmental features, such as by hiding in lockers and under tables.

Another fantastic aspect of the Metal Gear Solid franchise is the boss fights. The boss characters in Metal Gear Solid are all very unique and full of personality. They attack Solid Snake in original ways, such as Praying Mantis’ ability to take control of the gamepad.

In our list of games like Metal Gear Solid we have included strategic and tactical shooters with an emphasis on stealth. Remember that you can influence our lists by voting for your favorite games and by sharing them on Facebook and Twitter.

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Games like Metal Gear Solid

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