Games Like Metroid

In our list of games like Metroid you’ll find many space based puzzle platform games with shooter and puzzle game elements.

Metroid is a classic and highly popular series of Nintendo games in which you play as Samus Aran as she journey’s through space. There have been tons of different games in the Metroid series, with many of them being critically acclaimed. The original Metroid games began as a cross between Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda, merging the platform and puzzle genres. These were heavily improved upon when Metroid Prime was released for Gamecube. This epic game upped the ante, introducing first person shooter aspects on top of the puzzle and platforming aspects of the games.

The games in the Metroid series have varied a lot through the years but the basic core elements of the game remain the same. Each game is a highly isolated exploration of a space-based sci fi world in which you move around the environment in platform style, jumping and using various items like the Grapple Hook to help you to move. The games also feature shooting aspects, with the original games being 2D in the style of Contra and the later games having third person shooter aspects. And in all games you hunt out certain objects while solving a variety of puzzles.

In our list of games like Metroid we’ve included many puzzle platform and action games, which provide an opportunity to experience a Metroid style game. Though Metroid is a very unique title, we think you’ll enjoy the following games like Metroid.

Games like Metroid

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