Games Like Myst: Play the Best Games Like Myst

Hoping to play the best puzzle adventure games like Myst? Though the genre of games like Myst have been in decline over recent years there are still plenty of games like Myst available on all different platforms. Let’s take a look at some of the best


Games like Myst 1: The Myst Series Itself

It would be ridiculous not to start a list of games like Myst without talking about the Myst series itself.  There are six games in the series, all of which are pretty similar. 

The best place to start with Myst is with the brilliant tenth anniversary edition, which you can pick up for around $20 from Amazon
Myst 10th Anniversary DVD Edition


Games like Myst 2: Machinarium

From Czech video game developer Amanita Design gave the world one of the best games like Myst with Machinarium. This is a point and click adventure game for PC, PS3 and iPad.

In Machinarium you are on a journey with the robot Josef as he adventures in a steam punk world to save his girlfriend.

Machinarium has puzzles and mini-games, a great story and gorgeous graphics. It’s cheap at $14 from Amazon.
machinarium (PC) (UK)

Games Like Myst 3: The 7th Guest and 11th Hour

From video game developer Trilobyte, 7th Guest and 11th Hour are classic puzzle adventure games that were huge successes on Mac and PC. It’s also one of the best iPhone games like Myst.

In the games you play through a mansion solving puzzles, revealing a deep story .

Games like Myst 4: The Lost City


The Lost City is a game for Android and iOS and is a classic style puzzle adventure game. The story is about an ancient society that had the power to control the seasons. The game is brilliantly presented with gorgeous graphics and great audio.

The game is large and full of tough puzzles, but comes fitted with its own guide in case you get stuck.



Games like Myst 5: The Secret of Grisly Manor


In The Secret of Grisly manor you find yourself in your uncle’s mansion exploring, solving puzzles and finding hints about the circumstances of your  uncle’s disappearance. The Secret of Grisly Manor is available for Android and iOS and is one of the best puzzle adventure games like Myst for mobile devices.

Games like Myst 6: Axel & Pixel


One of the best games like Myst for XBOX 360, Axel  & Pixel is a point and click puzzle adventure game which follows the exploits of painter Axel and Pixel, his dog. The duo wake in a dream world  and must solve puzzles to escape.

There are tons of logic puzzles in Axel & Pixel and four chapters, which are each themed around the four seasons. There are three mini-games which are recurrent throughout the adventure too.

Games like Myst  7: Amnesia


Amnesia is definitely the darkest and scariest of all games like Myst. It’s not a hugely puzzle-based game but there are some puzzles here and there. The story is about Daniel, who has the misfortune of exploring a dark castle full of monsters. Amnesia is a scary game that will have you on the edge of your seat.
Amnesia [Download]

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