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In our selection of games like Ni No Kuni you’ll find many of the best role playing games with excellent stories for all different systems. Remember that you can vote for your favorite games and share them on Facebook and Twitter to influence our lists. 

About Ni No Kuni

Ni No Kuni is a role playing games by video game developer Level 5 for Nintendo DS and Playstation 3. Both versions of the game scored excellent reviews for their unique and beautiful visuals and their traditional Japanese RPG style gameplay.

In the DS version of Ni No Kuni you must battle your way through enemies using spells provided to you in a magic book. You activate the spells by drawing with the stylus. While fighting you can order your characters anywhere on the screen in order to implement different tactics. In the PS3 version, you explore towns, villages and dungeons in a fantasy world. You can travel between Oliver’s home town and the other world by using a Gateway spell. When you leave town you will enter on a large map where you can explore various areas on your quest. Towns people and bounty hunters will give you quests that you can complete to earn stamps which you can then exchange for upgrades.

The game features a lot of battles. Win in these battles and you’ll earn money, points and items. Your character’s level will increase at certain points and you’ll learn new abilities.

In our list of games like Ni No Kuni we have included fantasy RPGs with Japanese style gameplay. Remember to vote for your favorite games and to share them on Twitter and Facebook in order to influence our lists.

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Games like Ni No Kuni

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