Games Like Ninja Gaiden

In our list of games like Ninja Gaiden we have included many of the best action games with a heavy emphasis on combat. Remember that you can influence our lists by sharing your favorite games on Twitter and Facebook and by voting.

Ninja Gaiden is an action game by video game developer Tecmo. The series has seen many different iterations on many different platforms through the years. The games star a ninja and have players fighting hordes of enemies in bloody combat.

Ninja Gaiden games have been released on arcade, XBox 360, PS3, Nintendo DS, NES, Game Boy, Master System, SNES, Wii and XBox. The games have received varying reviews but have always been enjoyed by fans of high octane combat games.

The original arcade game was a brawler, then a platform game was released for NES, and gradually the games have become faster paced and more centered around combat.

In our selection of games like Ninja Gaiden we have included many of the best fast paced action games. Remember to cast votes and share your favorite games in our lists to influence our listing system.

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Games like Ninja Gaiden

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