Games Like The Oregon Trail

In our list of games like The Oregon Trail you’ll find many of the best educational simulation games. We encourage you to vote for your favorite games and to share them on Facebook and Twitter as this will help to improve our list and to move the best games up our charts. 


About Oregon Trail

The Oregon Trail is a classic video game originally released in 1974. It has seen numerous updates and has been released on all manner of consoles.  One of the most important aspects of the game is the ability to hunt. You can buy bullets as you play and use them to hunt wild animals for food. In the original game there were no graphics but words like BANG! popped up on the screen. These were replaced with graphics as the game progressed. In later interations players hunted with the mouse, shooting various animals like rabbits, bison and deer.

Another important aspect of the game is death as members of your party will die during the course of the game from various diseases and calamities. Your oxen can also die and you will have the option of burying them.

At the end of the game you receive points based on the number of members you have left alive and the number of possessions you have.

The Oregon Trail is a classic game that still have players today, 43 years after it was made. For more great games like The Oregon Trail see below.


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