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About OutlastĀ 

Outlast is a game in the stealth survival horror genre and was made by video game developer Red Barrels. Outlast features a strong story driven survival campaign told in first person narrative and set in a psychiatric hospital.Visually it is similar to the typical horror movie. You play as a protagonist who cannot fight other than by shoving enemies away. There are no traditional weapons and so your modus operandi is stealth. You’ll need to use the environment intelligently to avoid enemies.

The story follows investigative journalist Miles Upshur who is sent an annonymous tip from a source called Whistleblower. This leads Miles to investigate experiments conducted at Mount Massive Asylum, a psychiatric hospital. There, Miles gets trapped insideĀ and must fight his way through the hospital by being stealthy and evasive.

As you can see, Outlast turns the traditions of game design on its head by not having any weapons and by having a protagonist who cannot fight. This however creates a sense of fear similar to that in Alien Isolation. The story is excellent too and truly draws the players in to the horror of the psychiatric hospital.

Outlast is a very original game but we’ve found some games like Outlast that we think you will enjoy. Remember to vote for your favorite games and to share them on Facebook and Twitter. This will help to influence our list and will help fellow gamers to find their next game.
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