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About Paths of Exile / Review

Path of Exile is a role playing game very similar to the classic Diablo series. The game has received excellent reviews for recreating the best elements of Diablo while improving the formula to create a fresh experience.

Paths of Exile is the creation of video game developer Grinding Gear Games from New Zealand and pays homage to Diablo, meaning fans of Diablo should love the game.

Amongst the gameplay features worthy of note are a massive skill tree, a currency, items for active skills, competitive ladders and, of course, the fact that it is free to play.

There are seven different classes of character to choose from which, of course, come with their own unique set of strength and weaknesses. These classes have a few attributes assigned to them (dexterity, strength and intelligence) and the final class, the Scion, have all three attributes. After you choose your class you progress through Wraeclast, the game’s fantasy world, journeying through many different environment, completing various quests and fighting many bosses.

Paths of Exile definitely fulfills the wishes of every Diablo fan, and because of this it has already achieved a healthy fan base. We recommend heading over to the game developer’s website and playing Paths of Exile.  Or, for more great games like Paths of Exile, see below.



Games like Paths of Exile

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