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In our list of games like Persoa 4 you’ll find the best RPGs with social simulation gameplay and great stories, just like inPersona 4. Remember that you can influence our lists by sharing your favorite games on Facebook and Twitter.

About Persona 4

Persona 4 is a role playing game by Atlus and is the fifth installment in the series. The game is set in a fictional Japanese countryside and starts a protagonist whom you can name yourself. The protagonist is a high school student who has just moved into the area. During his stay he has been involved with investigations into murders of a mysterious nature.

Gameplay in Persona 4 is of the traditional Japanese role playing game style with an added social simulation twist. You’ll interact with other characters and work in jobs to earn money as well as being involved with other activities. There is also a TV World that you can enter which is like a dungeon crawling game.

The focus on Persona 4 is placed on social storylines as you get to meet lots of different characters. The theme of the story, a fairly realistic tale about a boy who goes to a new place and meets new people, has given it a healthy fan following and led more people to search for games of a similar nature. You can find more games like Persona 4 in our list below. Remember that you can vote for games and share them on Facebook and Twitter to influence our lists.

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Games like Persona 4

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