Games like Pharoah

In this list of games like Pharoah we’ll be sharing many of the best construction and management games, from video game developers who specalise the genre. Many of these games include a rich, historic setting like Pharoah and all are top quality “city building” games.

If you’re a fan of Pharoah you’ll love THESE TITLES TOO.


Games Like Pharoah

Build city
SimCity 4
SimCity Societies
City Life, 2006
Cities XL

SimCity series
SimCity 2000
SimCity 3000
Medieval Lords: Defend, Build, Expand, 2004 (Monte Cristo)
Utopia, 1982 (Intellivision)
Utopia, 1991 (Gremlin Graphics)
MetropolisMania, 2002, (Natsume, PlayStation 2).
Micropolis, 2008
Tycoon City: New York, 2006 (Deep Red Studios)

Glory of the Roman Empire Games)
CivCity: Rome
Tropico (2001)
Tropico 2: Pirate Cove

Caesar series
The Settlers
Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom
Immortal Cities: Children of the Nile

Hybrid city-building games
The Settlers Series (1993)
The Settlers : Heritage of Kings (2005)
Stronghold Hybrid with RTS elements
Dwarf Fortress,

If you’re a fan of Pharoah you’ll love┬áTHESE TITLES TOO.

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