25 Games Like Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney for PC, iPhone, Android, DS and More

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About Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney 

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney is an adventure video game by Capcom that was published by Nintendo first back in 2001. It was then rereleased for Nintendo DS as a 2005 remake with touchscreen support, microphone and more. This is one of the biggest games in Nintendo’s step into “Intelligent games,” with other titles including Brain Age.

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney was also released for Android and iPhone back in 2009, but not the entire game, only a portion of it. In 2009 Famitsu magazine announced that the first 3 games would be moved onto Wii and additional games were announced.

In Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney you play a a newbie defense attorney for a law firm which is owned by Mia Fey. In the game you’ll play through five different court cases each of which is divided into different episodes. To succeed in the game you will need to gather evidence in order to defend your clients. There is also a trial in which you need to defend your client using the evidence that you have amassed. Gameplay takes place in third person while inside the court and first person outside the court.

Each episode of Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney is divided into various tasks, which including finding evidence, presenting that evidence, examining witnesses and making objections. You’ll be examined based on five different stats, which essentially represent your health.

What makes Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney such a unique game is its mature theme, which was unheard of for Nintendo at the time. Though the graphics are fun and cutesy, this is a more serious side of Nintendo and one older audience love. Find more games like Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney below.


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 More Games like Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney for DS, 3DS, iPhone, Andoird and more

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