Games Like Pokemon for iPhone

In this list of games like Pokemon for iPhone we’ve included all the best iPhone games that allow you capture, train and battle different kinds of monsters. Thankfully, there are quite a few great games that are blatantly Pokemon-ripoffs, so you’re not about to run out of games to play anytime soon!

Games like Pokemon for iPhone

Mighty Monsters : One of the best iPhone games like Pokemon, Mighty Monsters allows you to journey around an island collecting monsters. You can then train your monsters tup, evolve them, teach them a number of abilities and have them fight against other players.

Dragon Island: Video game developer Greyhound Games’ Dragon Island includes a roster of over 200 monsters to collect, all of which can be evolved and trained to create new monsters.  The game has a fairly large island full of different locations like towns and dungeons. The fighting involves a lot of strategy too.

Zenforms Protectors :  This 2D RPG  for iPhone and iPad takes you to Gaia where you’ll explore the fantasy world nabbing crystals that are the home to monsters known as Zenforms.  You’ll take these creatures and evolve the into powerful monsters. There’s customsation options and lots of equipment too.  

MinoMonsters: Another game like Pokemon for iPhone,  MinoMonsters is, again, about training and evolving monsters. You get to unlock new areas of the world map by completing various missions and you can improve the stats of your monsters by giving them affection.   

GeoSociety:  The last of our games like Pokemon for iPhone that we’ll look at on this page, GeoSociety has you joining an organization that researches monsters. Sounds different, hey? No, it’s not. Capture them ,train them, fight them. Eh, if it aint broke don’t fix it, right? 

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