Here’s A Bunch Of Games Like Pokemon Go That Are Godlike

You Poke-nuts want to play more games like Pokemon Go, huh? Well we’ve got you fixed.


Pokemon Go! We love it. Heading out around the town to collect Pokemon in real life is pretty much the best gaming experience ever.

And what a unique concept. Nintendo basically reinvented the wheel when they released Pokemon Go. Except… er… there were quite a few games like Pokemon Go around before Nintendo got involved.

Augmented reality games have been in development for several years now. And that’s a good thing if you’re a Pokemon Go fan. It means that if you’re looking for more games like Pokemon Go, you’re going to be satisfied.

Take this bunch of flipping awesome games like Pokemon Go.



These Games Like Pokemon Go are, like… awesome!


For starters, Ingress is a great game similar to Pokemon Go


Obviously you know that Pokemon Go is made by Niantic. After all, you’ve seen their logo like, what, a billion times now right? But have you taken a look at their other games?

If so, you would have seen a game very much like Pokemon Go, but without Pikachu, Charmander and those other cuddly scallywags.

Ingress is an augmented reality game where you roam the real world looking for portals to hack. Obviously, as you will have noticed from that description, Ingress is a game like Pokemon Go. You look around reality looking for portals, and then you hack them.


Life is Crime is a game like Pokemon Go but with criminals


Take Pokemon Go and base it around gangs and crime. What do you get? The answer is Life is Crime, a sick augmented reality game that’ll thrill anyone who loves criminal activity—and who doesn’t!… er…

Anyway. You join a gang, fight other gangs, win territories… honestly, it’s Pokemon Go for criminals. And it has a solid user base, so you might want to check it out.

Another game like Pokemon Go is Real Strike, a real life FPS


You love augmented reality. You probably love FPS games (because, let’s face it, everyone and their mum does). So you will probably be pretty interested in Yii International’s Real Strike.

Real Strike turns your environment into a military base and lets you shoot virtual guns in that real-world environment. There are 25 guns, and the gameplay is smooth as Justin Timberlake’s dance moves. So it’s a total win. Play it.

Just in case I haven’t given you enough games like Pokemon Go yet (you greedy son of a gun) here’s another: The Walk


Doesn’t exactly sound like a barrel of laughs, does it? “The Walk”. Ooooh, somebody STOP ME. But seriously, The Walk is a great game it just happens to have a name that’s as boring as math class.

In The Walk you…er… walk. You have to walk to a mysterious destination while carrying a virtual package that can save the world. There’s a neat story told by audio clips too.

You know what, it’s hard to make this game sound exciting. But it is solid and definitely worth checking out.

For you zombie-nuts out there, you might want to try Zombies, Run!

There’s a bunch of zombies. You’re going to run away from them. Pretty straight-up, hey?

Zombies, Run is targeted at people like me who are fat… not really. But it is targeted at people who want to get a little more exercise. The idea is to keep running to stay away from the zombies. So either you lose the calories or you lose your brain when the zombies eat it.


“But Paul,” you say, “I want a game like Pokemon Go that takes place in a time of kings and kingdoms?

Wow. You guys really are too picky.

All right. If you want a MMORPG style AR game that lets you complete quests, then you, my friend, are going to want to play Parallel Kingdom, which comes with 40 levels, trading options, chat rooms, leaderboards and all sorts of RPG goodness.


“Eh, actually Paul, I want a game like Pokemon Go that involves aliens”.

Oh you mother $*%*!

All right. That would be Clandestine Anomaly.

In Clandestine Anomaly there’s a bunch of alien son-bitches gonna f**k up the world. They invade areas around you. And either you defend your area or you get your humanoid butt handed to you by some goons from outer space. So you build structures, attack aliens, etc., and you can play from your home or various other locations.

Clandestine Anomaly gameGo. Play these games. Be merry and have fun. And don’t be a fool and drive while playing cause, you know… you’ll probably crash.

Now talk to me. Leave a comment. Say stuff. Entertain me.

Seriously, leave a comment.


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