Games Like Pokemon Online For PC, iPhone and Consoles

We’ll cover the best games like Pokemon online and for PC, iPhone and consoles on the next page, but first let’s take a look at the history, cultural relevance and staggering popularity of games like Pokemon.


The History of Pokemon and Games Like Pokemon

Nintendo create the Pokemon franchise back in 1996 as a set of interlinkable game body titles and since then, Pokemon and games like Pokemon have taken the world by storm.

Pokemon has become the second most popular video game franchise in history. The series has been moved to TV, comics and accessories like caps and t-shirts, making it one of the most lucrative game series of all time.

Pokemon basically means “Pocket Monsters.” The games contains 649 fictional species, making it pretty hard to actually “Catch them all.”

The Birth of The Crazy of Games Like Pokemon

Because of Pokemon’s massive success it had a huge impact on culture. Characters like Pikachu have become iconic, with nearly everyone under the age of 60¬†recognizing¬†Pikachu’s face.

The success of Pokemon gave rise to a whole ton of other games like Pokemon. Titles like Digimon recognised the keys to Pokemon’s success:cute characters, collectibles and the idea of having to “Catch them all.”

There have been very many games like Pokemon made since 1996. On the next page we’ll begin to look at some of the best.

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