Games like Poptropica: The Best video Games Designs Like Poptropica

On the hunt for great games like Poptropica? You’re in luck,there are quite a few very good games like Poptropica, as we’ll reveal in our list. First off though, let’s take a look at Poptropica from a video game design point of view to see what makes games like Poptropica so good.

What is Poptropica?

An Online RPG, Poptropica was created by Person PLC, a global company working in publishing and education. The game was created by Jeff Kinney, who also wrote the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series of books.

Aimed at players aged 6 to 15, Poptropica allows you to explore different islands, competing in multiplayer games and communicating with other players from around the world.

Poptropica sets players a bunch of quests that they must complete. The quest are centred around different islands. So popular is the game that the website is listed as the 1302nd most visited website in America.

Why are games like Poptropica so popular?

Perhaps the reason Poptropica is so popular is two -fold.Firstly, it’s a really fun game for younger players, but also, it educated gamers, making it a game adults love to see their kids playing.

There are quite a few games like Poptropica, as we’ll see in the list. Some are centred squarely around the educational side of the game, where others are more about creating a safe environment for younger people to play together in.

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