Games Like Prince of Persia

In our list of games like Prince of Persia you’ll find many of the best action adventure games. By sharing your favorite games on Facebook and Twitter you can influence our lists and help other gamers to choose their next game.

Prince of Persia is a game by video game designer Jordan Mechner and later by video game developers Ubisoft. The series is heavily based on combat and action. The game involve some platform gameplay (especially games earlier on in the series). Later games developed to focus on the fluidity of action and combat. In the games you journey through Persia running, climbing and jumping your way through levels while fighting many enemies. The games are well liked for their fluid and stylish use of combat, with the player hacking their way through enemies with their swords.

Prince of Persia has been around for decades and has always been popular. The excellent fantasy setting and stylish combat makes for exciting gameplay. Anyone who’s as old as me will remember the first Prince of Persia game and how much more exciting it was than most other games. You may also remember the (for the time) gruesome deaths when you fell down a hole only to land on spikes in a way reminiscent to Mortal Kombat’s stage fatality.

Prince of Persia games are in the action adventure genre and there are many more games like Prince of Persia. See our list of games like Prince of Persia below and remember that you can influence our lists by sharing your favorite games on Facebook and Twitter.
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Games like Prince of Persia

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