Games Like Prison Architect

In our list of games like Prison Architect you’ll find the best management simulation games for various systems including PC, Mac, iOS and more. We invite you to influence our list by voting for the games and sharing them on Facebook and Twitter.

Prison Architect is a construction management simulation game┬áby British video game developer Introversion. The game is a top down construction and management simulation game in which you are in charge of the building of a prison. Obviously this is quite a unique theme for a construction game (if anyone knows any other specific “prison” construction games please leave a comment below). The general genre of management and construction, however, is fairly popular and there are many games like Prison architect on the market.

In Prison Architect you’ll be involved in every stage of the planning and construction of your building and you’ll also have to assign staff to do the necessary work of running the prison. Finance is another consideration that you must make, as is the wellbeing and contentment of the prison’s inmate.

Prison Architect is definitely a fairly original game, but there are many other games within the same genre, that of building and construction games. See below for our selection of the best building and construction games like Prison Architect.

Games like Prison Architect

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