Games like Prototype

In our list of games like Prototype you’ll find many of the best open world games that are stuffed full of fast paced action and combat. Remember that you can influence our lists by sharing your favorite games on Facebook and Twitter.

Prototype has been popular since back in 2009 when the first games in the series was released. The gameplay in Prototype is fairly typical action adventure gameplay with open world free roaming environments. You play as Alex Mercer, who has been infected by a plague that gives him super powers. Because of your infection you’re able to shape shift to use your body as a powerful weapons, almost like one of the X-Men.

Prototype offers a free roaming experience in a sandbox full of enemies for you to lay waste to. The game is set in a large city which you’ll explore, uncovering a fairly decent story as you do so. The story is full of conspiracy theories and the choices that you make are an important part of the story’s progression.

In our list of games like Prototype we’ve focused on combat based open world action games that offer a similar sort of feeling to Prototype. Many of the games are set in sci fi worlds too.

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Games like Prototype

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