Games Like Puzzles and Dragons

In our list of games like Puzzles and Dragons you’ll find many of the best puzzle games, and many more games with dragons (see how it works?). You can help to influence our lists by sharing posts on Facebook and Twitter (which casts a vote on our site).

Puzzles and Dragons is a Japenese puzxle game by video game developer GungHo Online Entertainment. The game is a turn based strategy game on split screen in which you fight various dragons and monsters by completing a tile-matching gaming. In each turn of the game the player has a set amount of time to make a move. There are elemental drops that correspond to the player’s monster and to their health. By making combos you’ll inflict damage on the opponent in order to win the fight.

There is a rock paper scissors mechanic to the game which will be familiar to player’s of Pokemon games so that, for instance, a water attack will be powerful when used on a fire monster and so on. Monsters also have special skills that will inflict damage without losing a turn.

In essence Puzzles and Dragons is a fairly simple rock paper scissors based puzzle game which uses the idea of fighting dragons and monsters to give more excitement to the game’s basic mechanics. There are many other puzzles games that feature similar set-ups. See our list below for more games like Puzzles and Dragons. Remember that by sharing games on Facebook and Twitter you can help influence our lists while helping other gamers find their next game. You can also suggest games to us in a comment below.

Games like Puzzles and Dragons

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