Games Like QWop

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Qwop is a minimalistic ragdoll style game by independent video game designer Bannett Foddy. In the game you take control of an athlete by using the “QWOP” keyboard keys to move the character’s legs. The game became a sensation when it became a meme back in 2010. This helped Foddy to achieve his aim of getting his site up to 30 million hits. Not bad for a minimalistic Flash game!

In the game you basically swing your legs back and forwards by using the QWOP keys. But being a ragdoll game going far is next to impossible. Instead you’re going to fall flat on your butt in many hilarious ways. If you are superhuman and somehow do manage to run properly, there are surprises waiting for you at 100 metres and at 50 metres. We doubt you’ll make it that far!


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Games like QWOP

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