Games Like Roblox


Our selection of games like Roblox feature tons of creative gameplay allowing you to construct, create and build with friends and fellow players. Remember that you are 100% in control of our lists. By sharing your favorite games on Facebook and Twitter you can influence our lists and move your favorite games to the top of our charts.

In our list of games like Roblox we’ve included plenty of MMOs with physics based gameplay like Roblox, along with games set in sandbox environments. This is precisely the sort of gameplay that fans of Roblox have come to love since the game’s release back in 2005.

Roblox captures tons of fans thanks to its endless possibilities, giving players tons of options in which to create. Roblox is all about being creative and using your imagination to create all sorts of objects out of blocks. Better yet, Roblox allows you to script the blocks so that they can carry out different actions, allowing you to create your own games, whether they be racing games, RPG games, platform games or other.

Roblox lets your creativity shine and as a result, thousands of players online have created millions of different objects and tons of different games using Roblox. We’ve compiled a list of games like Roblox that we think you’ll enjoy. But remember, you are ultimately in control of our lists. To influence our lists, simply share your favorite games on Facebook and Twitter.

Games like Roblox

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