Games Like Rome Total War (RTW)

In our list of games like like Rome Total War we’ve collected the best strategy games for PC, iOS, Android and other systems. Remember that you are in control of our lists. By sharing your favorite games on Facebook and Twitter you cast votes on our site that moves games up the list. So be sure to vote for your favorite games.

Rome Total War is a strategy game by video game developer Creative Assembly ad was originally released in 2004. The game’s campaign mode is set in late Roman times and you play as one of three families (factions) once you have unlocked them. The gameplay in Rome Total War is a real time strategy game with turn based strategies. As you play you’ll expand your empire across America, Europe and the Near East. You’ll also be involved with developing the infrastructures, managing diplomacy, moving armies and more.┬áRome Total War is a very deep game with realistic gameplay that truly makes it feel as though you are in control of an empire.

What separates Rome Total War from the rest of the pack is the amazing presentation and the sheer amount of detail and content that Rome Total War packed into the game. In our list of games like Rome Total War we have selected games that feature deep strategic play in war settings, along with some historical games. Remember hat you are in control of our lists. By voting for your favorite games you can move them up our charts, helping other gamers to find them. So, we invite you to share your favorite games on Facebook and Twitter. Also feel free to leave us a comment if there is any game that you think we should add to this list.

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Games like Rome Total War

Games like Rome Total War

Empire Total War,
Napoleon Total War,

Rome Total War Expansions,
Shogun Total War,
Battle for Middle Earth
Stronghold 2
Knights of Honor
mount and blade
Europa Universalis III
Strength and Honor 2
Sango 2: Romance of the Three Kingdoms
Birthright: The Gorgon’s Alliance

There are tons more strategy games like this in this list (click).

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