Games Like The Room


In our list of games like the room you’ll find the best free and paid puzzle games for PC, Android and iOS.

The Room was released in 2013 and almost immediately became popular, so popular that it is one of the most played games on the platform. It’s combination of physics, adventure, mystery and puzzles made players fall in love with it. It was unique, a new gaming experience on the platform.

The Room’s gameplay takes its source from many different games but it is at its core a solid puzzle game. Where The Room separates itself is in the quality of its 3D puzzles. When you play you have to rotate the game view to solve the puzzles.

Another important gameplay mechanic in The Room is the special lens that allows player to find important clues that helps them to solve the puzzles.

In our collection of games like The Room we have selected the best puzzle games that offer an immersive experience. Many of the games are available for both Android and iOS, along with other games for PC, Mac and other systems. As always, you can influence your list of games by suggesting games in a comment and by sharing your favorite games on Facebook and Twitter, which acts as a vote for the game, helping it to rise in our charts.

Games like The Room

An important piece to the puzzles that The Room has to offer is a special lens that lets players find important secret clues.

The games like The Room here aim to deliver a similar innovative or impressive puzzle experience. A large number of these games are available on iOS and Android devices just like The Room but an effort has been made to also include PC alternatives along with free games like The Room.

Don’t forget that the games like The Room featured below can be sorted based on their user ratings. We encourage all visitors to cast their own votes and contribute to these scores.

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