Games Like Shadow of the Colossus

In our list of tames like Shadow of the Colossus you’ll find many solitary journeys in the action adventure genre and game that, like Shadow of the Colossus, have spiritual overtones. Our readers are 100% in control of are lists. By sharing your favorite games on Facebook and Twitter you cast a vote on our site and help to move the game up our charts. We invite fans of Shadow of the Colossus to share this page on Facebook and Twitter

Shadow of the Colossus is one of the most important and best video games of all time. It is an action adventure game made by game designed Fumito Ueda and video game developer Team Ico. The game features an excellent story about a boy called Wander who discovers a forbidden land. He must journey through this land on horseback, defeating giant colossi in order to save the life of Mono, a girl. The game is unique amongst the action adventure genre. There are no towns and no dungeons, no characters, no enemies other than the colossi. It is a puzzle game, though that doesn’t do it justice.

Shadow of the Colossus is one of the most influential games in the gaming canon. A solitary affair, you progress through the game in cycles, seeking out the colossi and defeating them. To fight the colossi you’ll reflect light off your sword onto them. It is very hard to define Shadow of the Colossus because it is such a unique game. Part puzzle, part adventure, all amazing. This is one game that simply has to be played.

We’ve listed many games “like” Shadow of the Colossus. But let’s be 100% honest here. There is only one Shadow of the Colossus.

Remember, our readers are 100% in control of are lists. By sharing your favorite games on Facebook and Twitter you cast a vote on our site and help to move the game up our charts. We invite fans of SAO to share this page on Facebook and Twitter.
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Games like Shadow of the Colossus





Stranded is an indie game that nods towards the retro sci fi movies of the 70s and art games. It tells the story of an astronaut who has crash landed on a planet covered in desert. His fight is one of survival, but instead of focusing on gameplay, this experience is all about story. It begins when the protagonist exits his cryogenic stasis and steps out onto the desert planet to find his ship ruined and his oxygen steadily being depleted.




Journey is one of the most original games of all time and the brain child of video game designer Jenova Chen and video game developer ThatGameCompany. Like most of ThatGameCompany’s work, Journey is an experimental and emotional gaming experience.

Journey tells an ambiguous story in a barren wasteland full of ruins. When you begin your adventure your character is in a dessert. They have no name, no backstory and no purpose. The purpose of Journey is for you yourself to discover. The only thing you can see is a mountain in the distance. Journey then proceeds to tell its story through mosaics and glyphs, with the occasional cutscene filling details in.



Far Cry

One of the best adventure / shooter title on the market and a hugely popular game with a great story.




Limbo is an artistic 2D sidescrolling puzzle platform game that uses an integrated physics engine to allow for realistic movement of objects and of the player character. In the game you must guide an unnamed character over levels full of dangers and traps, eventually finding your sister. The game is difficult and players will die many times as they try to solve each puzzle.



One Chance

One Chance is an indie interactive fiction game in which you have just one chance to save the day. Made by video game developer AwkwardSilenceGames’s, One Chance has you playing as a scientist whose team discovers a cure for cancer but unfortunately the cure that you have found is actually going to destory the entire world, unless you can save the day.



The Room

The Room was released in 2013 and almost immediately became popular, so popular that it is one of the most played games on the platform. It’s combination of physics, adventure, mystery and puzzles made players fall in love with it. It was unique, a new gaming experience on the platform.




Anrew Gleeson’s new game Melodisle casts you out at sea on a lonely island. You play as a little character who looks a lot like Fez. As this little guy, you’ll be running and jumping in typical platform-game style but, uniquely, you’ll also be engaging in some singing, hence the title “Melodisle.” That’s right, this is a music platformer in which you affect the environment by using your voice.



Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter is a hugely popular action RPG in which you hunt down tons of giant monsters and beasts. One of the best RPG series of all time.



Assassins Creed 3

Assassin’s Creed has become one of the most popular franchises in the history of games. In Assassin’s Creed games you stealthily explore an open world that merges adventure with stealth and action to create an unforgettable single player experience. Games in the Assassin’s Creed series tend to have a historical story with different titles in the series covering the Renaissance, the American Revolution and the Crusades.



Little Inferno

Little Inferno isn’t a typical game. It’s really more of a physics simulation with a plot and some humour. It is a heck of a lot of fun though and you ‘ll find time flying by as you sit there burning things. It’s certainly not wasted time though as Little Inferno is immensely relaxing. It’s the sort of game that allows you to drift away from life, to escape in a dreamy state of mind. As such, it’s a perfect game to play when you’re tired of work and when you need to chill out.



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