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Shovel Knight Review

Yacht Club Game’s Shovel Knight is a game that will instantly capture your intrigue. It looks  like a game from the late 80s / early 80s, with classic visuals that will have you feeling all nostalgic. It’s visually beautiful, but does the gameplay match the awesome graphics?

Shovel Knights is led by the, perhaps somewhat unsurprisingly, Shovel Knight. You’ve probably guessed that he acquired that title by being a knight whose primary weapon is a shovel. Shovels make amazing weapons, it seems, as no one can defeat Shovel Knight in battle. Now he’s set on fighting The Order of No Quarter and The Enchantress who have been messing around with Shield Knight.

Yes, it’s abstract; wonderfully abstract.


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Shovel Knight journeys across the land beating the heck out of all who stand in his way (with his favourite shovel, naturally) making his way to Tower of Fate to serve justice to the evil Order of No Quarter.

Despite its seemingly simplistic premise, there’s a heck of a lot going on in Shovel Knight. The stages are deep with tons of things to explore and there are many secrets to be found. This will definitely remind you of the games you played as a kid, with levels that seem to have jumped from Mega Man or Mario.

With beautiful art, fantastic gameplay and tons of secrets to find, this is a game you are going to love.

Overall 9 out of 10


For Games Like Shovel Knight See Below

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