Games Like Simcity for iPhone, Android and Other Systems

Looking for the best games like Sim City? We’ve created a list of Sim City-style games that you’re going to love. You can select games by theme / genre, or see our personal choices for the best games like Sim City below.


Games like Sim City By Genre / Theme


City Building: Sim City is the most popular city building game of all time. In the game you construct your city as you like, placing various buildings and other elements where you like in order to build your very own city. There are many games with similar gameplay mechanics, known as City Building games. If you love this aspect of Sim City, see our collection of the best City Building Games.


Management Another important element of Sim City is the managerial aspects of the game. Later games in the serious contain a lot of different management options, essentially making you mayor of your own city. If you love this aspect of Sim City, see our choice of the best Management Games.

Still not what you’re looking for? Okay, we’ve gone ahead and created a collection of our personal favorite games like Sim City. We reckon you’re going to absolutely love these games (we do). Choose one of the games below, all of which are truly excellent and a lot like Sim City.

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