Games like Sleeping Dogs / Games like Mass Effect

Continuing our look at games like Mass Effect with a slight detour into Games like Sleeping Dogs. 

Games like Sleeping Dogs: Mafia, The Godfather, Grand Theft Auto, Saints Row. Find more HERE

Sleeping Dogs is another of those games that is kinda like Mass Effect, but it’s also a lot like Grand Theft Auto.

As with most games like Sleeping Dogs, the story revolves around crime. The story is highly expansive and your decisions determine exactly how things progress. The exact dialogue choices and the actions that you take will influence the development of the storyline in some way or other, making Sleeping Dogs very much “your own game.”

Combat in Sleeping Dogs is a lot like Mass Effect, except that there is no companion and that your primary self defense is in the form of martial arts.

Sleeping Dogs also features a morality system that is reminiscent of the “True Crime” series of games.  You can turn your character into a bad cop or a good cop and the game will respond accordingly.

Sleeping Dogs is a truly excellent title that suffered a little due to poor marketing. It’s easily a high 8 out of 10 if not a 9 out of 10.

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