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Space Run Review

When we think about space, we tend to think about freedom, about escape, about what it would be like to live a luxurious lifestyle in which robots take care of our every need and we put our feet up and enjoy a cold one on the moon. But let’s be totally honest about this, folks; it’s far more likely that when humans do eventually inhabit space, most of us will still be working 9-5s doing menial tasks. Sigh.

In Space Run you play as an intergalactic delivery boy who must take cargo from one place to the next. The gameplay features many elements based on tower defence games, while adding pirates, asteroids and other dangers. Through this all together and add a dash of humour and you’ve got a unique premise for a game.

The protagonist is Buck Mann; he’s a man’s man’s man’s man. . . man. Sarcastic attitude, stylish facial hair, and clear non-f**k giving personality make him the perfect space-borne badass. Did we mention he’s a cliché? The same is true for the rest of the cast. There’s android Adaam-12, along with shady businesswomen, playboys and other assorted stereotypes. The stereotypes are all intentional, thought. They poke fun at the classic sci-fi movies and do so in a funny and humorous way.


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In the game your job is to transport goods from one place to the next. You’ll need to load your ship up, being careful to make the most of the available space (especially as you’ll be carrying around nuclear armaments and explosives).  You don’t want to find yourself up against a bunch of space pirates while fearing that you’re about to blow up your precious space cargo, do you? Didn’t think so.

In order to get your cargo to its destination you’ll need to strategise, mapping out a safe route while placing cannons and weapons.  You’ll also need to equip your ship wisely in order to be prepared to dispatch enemy ships. You’ll need to deal with different enemies in different ways, meaning you need to manage your weapons and armour.

As you complete missions you’ll earn reputation, which is based on various criteria, such as the time it took you to complete the mission, whether the cargo was affected and so on. You’ll also earn currency to upgrade your ship. The upgrading system is deep and offers tons of options. The choices you make in upgrading your ship will have a significant impact on your next mission and on your ability to overcome enemies.

It’s the depth of the experience that makes Space Run stand out. It’s a challenging and deep game full of strategy.  This is a hugely enjoyable game which is highly recommended.

OVERALL: 9 out of 10


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