Games Like Splinter Cell

In our list of games like Splinter Cell we’ve included many excellent tactical shooters with stealth gameplay; games that are realistic military operations just like Splinter Cell. 

Splinter Cell is a Tom Clancy game created by video game developer / publisher Ubisoft Montreal.One of the more realistic military shooter games on the market, Splinter Cell has found fans amongst gamers looking for a more realistic and tactical style of gameplay.

The first series in the game was 2002’s Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell which followed National Security agent Sam Fisher. He’s now starred in six games.

Aiming to recreate the genuine feel of being involved with the military, Splinter Cell’s gameplay centers around tactics and stealth. You’re given objectives by your superiors, including some illegal and potentially dangerous objectives, which you must complete in a covert way. If you are caught the alarms will be raised and you’ll be found and killed. In the earlier games sounding an alarm meant aborting the mission. Pandora Tomorrow was the first game in the series to introduce multiplayer cooperative, with two agents going up against terrorists. Later games allowed for cooperate squad play. The fifth game then introduced a moral aspect.

In our list of games like Splinter Cell we have included tactical based stealth shooters that create a more realistic style of gameplay than the averge first person shooter. If you’re a fan of Splinter Cell we reckon you’ll enjoy these games too. But maybe we’re wrong. That’s why we allow you to alter our lists. Simply share your favorite games on our lists on Facebook and Twitter and they will be promoted up our charts.
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Games like Splinter Cell


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