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In our selection of the best games like STALKER you’ll find tons of excellent first person shooter on various systems including XBOX 360, PS3, PC, MAc, iOS and Android. But remember, you, the reader, are completely in control of your lists. Sharing your favorite games on Facebook and Twitter moves them up in our charts, making them easier for other readers to find. We encourage STALKER fans to share this page on Facebook and Twitter.

STALKER is a series of games that began life in 2007. The games centre around incidents of the Chrnobyl power plant which created a bizarre zones around the planet known as The Zone; it’s a place full of zombies, mutants, factions and the military.

Different games in the series follow different characters but there is a story arc interlinking them, creating a rich fictional universe for fans to enjoy. Because of the popularity of the games several different mods have also been created.

STALKER is not dissimilar to the majority of first person shooters. You grab your favorite weapons and armour, along with special items known as artifacts, which cater to different playstyles. Two important elements of the game are freedom of playstyle and the ability to explore the open world freely.

In our list of games like STALKER we’ve included many excellent open world first person shooters. But remember, you’re in control of our lists. Share your favorite games to see them rise on the lists.
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Games like STALKER

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