Games Like Stardoll


In our list of games like Stardoll we have included some of the best character customisation and social games, but it’s up to you to vote for them. Our fans are in control of our charts. Share your favorite games and watch them rise to the top of our lists.

Stardoll is a popular community game for girls with millions of members. In the game you create your own character / avatar (called a MeDoll) and go shopping, dress up and do various community events.

There are tons of different customisation options on the game that allow you to flex your creative muscles and go nuts with all sorts of fashion accessories. The tastes are constantly changing on Stardoll, though, so you’ll need to make sure that your avatar is fit for the season’s fashion.

Stardoll is an easy to approach game with very easy gameplay that allows you to use thousands of combinations of looks. This allows for highly personalised avatars with custom hair, accessories, designer fashion items and more.

In our list of games like Stardoll we’e included many great social games with avatars. But remember, you are in control of our charts. Make sure to vote your favorite games up by sharing them on Facebook and Twitter!

Games like Stardoll

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