Games Like Stronghold

In our collection of games like Stronghold we’ve put together an awesome set of real time strategy games with historical settings that should please Stronghold fans. But maybe we’ve not selected the right games. That’s where you come in. Vote for your favorite games by sharing them on Facebook and Twitter and they’ll naturally rise up our lists. And if there’s a game like Stronghold that you think we’re missing, leave us a comment to let us know about it. 

Stronghold is a real time strategy game in a medieval time period full of war. Stronghold was released way back in 2001 while this chap, writing this, was at uni studying video game design. Sigh, times change. Anyway. . .

Stonghold saw later released Stronghold Crusader and Stronghold Kingdoms that are the same basic set-up as the original but with minor shifts in the gameplay.

The games are all about creating a realistic sense of medieval warfare. They do a fantastic job of creating deep strategy. You’ll have to monitor your finances and at times negotiate with the enemy, but mostly you’ll be killing people in battles. And who doesn’t enjoy doing that?

In our list of games like Stronghold we’ve included excellent historical real time strategy games that we think Stronghold fans will enjoy. But heck, that’s just our opinion. Cast your own opinion by sharing your favorite games on Facebook and Twitter and we’ll update our lists to reflect the majority— ya know, democratic style.

Games like Stronghold.

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