Games Like Tap Tap Revenge

In our selection of games like Tap Tap Revenge Classic you’ll find many of the best music and rhythm games that we’re certain will please fans of TTRC. But maybe we’re wrong. That’s why we allow you to vote on your favorite games. Simply share your favorite games in our list on Facebook and Twitter and they’ll move up our charts.

Tap Tap Revenge Classic is a music game made by video game designer Nate True and video game developer Tapulous. In Tap Tap Revenge your aim is to tap the balls when they reach the line. Simple. Hit the ball in time to the music and you’ll earn points. If you’re playing on iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad you can also move the device in time to the music.

Tap Tap Revenge was inspired by Dance Dance Revolution, a classic music game. In Tap Tap Revenge you use your fingers to tap the coloured balls, earning points by tapping in time to the music. You can also tilt the device in the specified direction for extra points. Your score is recorded at the end of the game and you can compete with other players in the leaderboards. There’s a single player and multiplayer mode but to play multiplayer both people must be on the same device.

We’ve collect many of the best music and rhythm games. But remember to vote for your favorite games by sharing them on Facebook and Twitter to see them rise in our charts.

Games like Tap Tap Revenge


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