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In our list of games like Tropico we’ve included many of the best simulation and management games. We invite you to help us improve our lists. Simply share your favorite games on Facebook and Twitter and this will count as a vote on our site. Also feel free to recommend more games like Tropico in a list below.

Tropico is a fairly unique game in the management and simulation genres, known for its humorous. This truly sets it apart from most other games in the genre. Simulation and management games tend to be serious, so by making the game funny Tropico sets itself apart.

The game puts you in charge of your very own island. The specific island varies from game to game. You’ll have to manage every aspect of your own island.

Some of the more interesting aspects of Tropico include corrupt politics, fraud and foreign interference. You’ll have to manage all of these aspects and more in order to lead your island to prosperity and to ensure that you stay in power.

While there are tons of different management and simulation games on the market, there aren’t many games in the genre that share the sense of humour of tropico. We’ve gathered up a few games that we think you’ll enjoy. Remember to vote for your favorite games by sharing them on Facebook and Twitter. If you happen to know any more games like Tropico, let us know in a comment below. Thanks guys.

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Games like Tropico.

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