Games Like Virtual Villagers

In our list of games like Virtual Villagers we have included many of the best virtual reality simulation games. We think these are the absolute best games like Virtual Villagers. But we invite you to change our lists. By sharing your favorite games on Facebook and Twitter you can promote those games in our charts. And if there’s a game we’ve missed, we’d love to hear about it in a comment below.

Virtual Villagers is a virtual world village simulation game made by video game developer Last Day Of Work, an independent developer. It’s available for Mac, PC and for devices.

The game is similar to other virtual world games like The Sims. In it you play games based on puzzles and strategies. The difference is that Virtual Villagers adds some culture. It’s set on a mythical island of Isola and mixes ethnic and cultural backgrounds to create a virtual world game with a different vibe. There are four main points on the island of Isola, which are in the North, South, East and West of the island.

In the first game in the series you islanders on Isola had been in peace for many years, but then a volcano erupted and destroyed their home. The islanders fled and started a new home on Isola, where they must solve puzzles and mysteries to learn about the island while creating their village. The gameplay is based on managing a village in order to make your new home thrive.

In our list of games like Virtual Villagers you will find many excellent puzzle and virtual world games. Remember that you can influence our charts by sharing your favorite games on Facebook and Twitter.
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Games like Virtual Villagers

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