Games Like Warcraft 3

In our collection of games like Warcraft 3 you’ll find many of the world’s best real time strategy games set in fantasy setting with classes, races and heroes. We think these are the best games like Warcraft 3, but we invite your opinions. By sharing our games on Facebook and Twitter you can move them up our charts, and you can recommend games to be included this list by leaving a comment below.

Warcraft 3 is one of the best fantasy role playing games of all time and is similar to Blizzard’s other RTS game StarCraft. Warcraft 3 became one of the most popular games in the world and is still played by millions even years after its release. With four races, each with their own in depth story, there’s a lot of longevity in the game.

Campaigns in Warcraft 3 are packed full of amazing stories which integrate seamlessly into the real time strategy action. You’ll be able to fully customise your own hero choosing their items and equipment, their skills and many other aspects of your character.

Warcraft 3 focuses on player choice and adds tons of quests and scenarios to create a huge game.

In our collection of games like Warcraft 3 we’ve included many of the best fantasy real time strategy games. But feel free to influence our lists by sharing games on Facebook and Twitter and by leaving a comment below.
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Games like Warcraft 3

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