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In our list of games like Watch Dogs you’ll find many of the best third person action adventure games. We think we’ve found the best games like Watch Dogs, but we welcome your opinion. If we’ve missed a game, let us know about it in a comment below, and if you want to see your favorite game higher in our charts, share it on Facebook and Twitter with the buttons below as this will automatically raise its position.

Watch Dogs is a 2014 third person action adventure game available for PS3, PS4, XBox 360 and XBox One. Created by video game developer Ubisoft Montreal, Watch Dogs is one of the hottest games of the year.

In the game you explore a fictional open world Chicago which is managed by CtOS, a centralised system. You play as Aiden Pierce, a talented hacker who can access CtOS and use the city’s technology to his advantage, allowing him to control information and interact with different systems. An online multiplayer mode allows for eight players in both competitive and cooperative modes.

In the game you complete various missions by using technology to your advantage. The hacking mechanic in Watch Dogs is one aspect of the game that truly sets it apart, providing a type of gameplay previously unseen.

IN our list of games like Watch Dogs, below, you’ll find many of the best third person open world action adventure games. Remember that you can help to move your favorite games up our charts by sharing them on Facebook and Twitter. Also, if there is a game we’ve missed, feel free to get in contact via a comment below to let u know about it.
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Games like Watch Dogs

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