Games Like XCom Enemy Unknown

In our collection of games like XCOM Enemy Unknown you’ll find many of the best sci-fi tactical based tole playing games. If we’ve missed out on a game let us know in a comment. Also, if you think a game should be higher on the list, share it on Facebook and Twitter as this will update our rankings.

About XCom Enemy Unknown 

XCOM Enemy Unknown is a turn based tactical role playing game by video game developer Firaxis. It’s a retake on a classic retro game from 1994, called UFO: Enemy Unknown.

The game is set in the near future a at a time when aliens have invaded Earth. You play an elite XCOM member whose job is to defend the planet. You’ll control troops in turn based tactical missions. Between each mission you’ll be involved with researching and developing new technology to be used in the war. You’ll also have to manage finances and operations.

XCOM contains a lot of strategy that occurs between the missions in XCOM’s headquarters. From here you’ll be involved with constructions and manufacturing. This is the biggest difference between XCOM and other tactical RPGs; XCOM takes aspects of city building and managerial games to create an altogether new experience.


Games Like XCOM Enemy Unknown 

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In our list of games like XCOM we’ve included games that use both tactical role playing game gameplay and also management and strategy games. These games recreate the same sort of experience as playing XCom Enemy Unknown.

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Games like XCOM Enemy Unknown

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