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About Yugioh Online

Yu-Gi-Oh! Online is a trading card game for PC made by video game developer Konami and based around the offline Yugioh trading card game.

In the game you duel using cards exactly like you in the offline version of the same game. You begin with a 40-60 card starter deck and will duel in order to collect more cards. When you play a single game of one duel both players get one card from the pack of their choice. When a match is played you get three cards.

There are thirty levels in the game but you only advance beyond the first level of the game after playing 36 duels. After this you must move out of the beginners lobby to start playing on level 2.

Your score determines your level. Every time you win a duel your score will increase and if you should lose a duel your score will decrease. The precise amount of points that you win is determined by both your own level and your opponents level.

When you duel you will spend DP (Duelpass Points) which you can get from purchasing duelpasses.

In our list of games like Yu-Gi-Oh online we’ve included many trading card games and some anime games. Remember to vote your favorite games up by sharing them on Facebook and Twitter.

Games like YuGiOh! Online

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